Answer Grandma’s Physics Formula Wisely

Students majoring in science certainly know the challenges of studying different branches of science such as physics, biology, and chemistry at the same time and have to memorize dozens of complicated formulas.
If in the past every student had their own way to memorize the formula that will be used in the exam, now with the sophistication of technology and social media there are various applications that can help students memorize.
As an example, a formula filter from Tiktok tests students ’memory by displaying a specific formula and giving the user time to answer, before revealing the answer.
This way students find it easier to remember the formulas that need to be used to solve a particular question.
In a video that spread on Twitter, a girl told her grandmother to use a filter for physics formulas.
The first formula that appears on the screen shows the formula I = Σ miri2. Although unable to see clearly the grandmother answered correctly the formula was for a moment of inertia.

For the formula P = F/A and ½mv² are also answered correctly as the formula of pressure and kinetic energy makes his grandson amazed.
The average netizen praised the grandmother and admitted that she was shocked by the senior citizen’s knowledge. Meanwhile, some wonder how he can remember such a complicated formula to old age when many students continue to forget after school.
The grandmother from Indonesia is not the only one who amazes young people, the grandmother from Japan below is also more reliable in video games than most young gamers.

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