Hari Raya style… Tutorial tudung2 Datin Shahida steals the attention of many

Anyone who doesn’t know the wife of a cosmetics entrepreneur, Datin Nur Shahida who is now happy with her husband, Datuk Aliff Syukri and six bright eyes.
For those who know her as well, they must have seen Datin Shahida’s face through an advertisement that became a phenomenon, namely the Sunsilk shampoo advertisement, which made many people happy to follow her development.
What’s more, through Instagram, Datin Shahida is not shy to share positive words, thus becoming an inspiration for the public. Through his social site as well, it turns out that so far he has 2.3 million followers.
What is interesting in this well -known entrepreneur’s partnership as well, he also shared some of his hijab tutorials that made people able to follow how to wear hijabs in various styles.
At the same time, netizens also like to see the way Datin Shahida wears the hijab which looks polite and always attracts attention.
Even so, it turns out that this partnership also allows netizens to use the shared way to look stylish on Eid.


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