“Laughter broke my stomach tonight Sepahtu Reunion… this is the funniest…”

For a long time, fans have expressed their longing to watch the show of the famous comedian group, Sepahtu, entitled Sepahtu Reunion Live 2020, finally last night netizens were able to see the fasting edition.
As is known, in view of the situation plaguing the country, the Sepahtu Reunion plan has postponed to broadcast to implement the Movement Control Order.
However, the show, which features a duo of four members, Jep, Shuib, Rahim and Ilya, aired the first episode of Sepahtu Reunion Al Puasa 2020 last night where it always accompanies the audience every Friday at Astro at 9pm.
Through sharing on Instagram Zon Lawak, it turned out that last night’s episode managed to keep them entertained as usual and it was even said that it was the funniest episode.
This episode also features a famous comedian, Man Raja Lawak with guest artists, namely actresses Afifah Nasir and Diana Rafar.
It is understood that previously that the Sepahtu Reunion Al Puasa 2020 show for the episode was a recording. Even so, looking at the sharing on Instagram, various positive reactions from the audience who admitted that they laughed a lot when they saw the behavior of the celebrities.


Sumber: Zon Lawak, Man Raja Lawak

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