Mother Makeover Child Because Bored

Affected by the virus that is spreading now, almost all countries around the world initially implement quarantine of their citizens so that it does not continue to infect the public. Because of that people cannot go out to work, to school and do daily activities as usual.
Perhaps many understand the feeling of boredom for sitting too long at home and start looking for ideas to entertain themselves during that period. Just like this woman who made her son the ‘victim’ of a makeover from her. It’s all because of bored, mothers makeover children in their own creative way.

But what is the concern of many when the result of the child’s makeover is difficult to express in words. A woman from Oregon, USA named Morgan, 28, performed a make -up experiment on her son’s eyebrows.
“I saw something very similar a few years ago and just tried. Who knew it would look funny when matched with my son’s facial expression! ” said this woman.
In fact, the results of the makeover session were also uploaded on TikTok and became the focus of many people’s attention. After the first video he shared garnered over a million views and 87 thousand likes, Morgan made a video by drawing different eyebrow styles on his son. According to Morgan again, it is a bit awkward to see his son’s video on social media.

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