‘Wipe It Down’ Sweet Qismina took up the challenge with her sweetheart

Now a variety of challenges that come from popular applications, TikTok has become a trend and many are trying to respond to those challenges by using their creativity.
Recently, the challenge that started to get hot by the public called ‘Wipe It Down Challenge’ flooded social media when it was also shared to the public.

The challenge is that a person has to display themselves standing in front of a mirror and clean the mirror while the camera records their self -reflection..

Meanwhile, after the mirror is wiped by the individual using a cloth then it shows a different appearance that is changed then wiped again will change in the blink of an eye again back to the original appearance.
Famous celebrity, Sweet Qismina also had the opportunity to do the challenge and then shared on her Instagram page which stole the attention of fans and followers.
Running away from the norm, Sweet Qismina was seen doing the ‘Wipe It Down’ challenge with her lover, Adam Lee until the video she shared gained thousands of views in a short time and received more 

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