Many Tahfiz Students Are Entertained Trying To Make TikTok For Hari Raya

There is no denying that TikTok is part of the lifestyle of today’s generation. No matter young or old, those sitting in the city as well as the countryside are all exposed to the influence of the app.
There are many reasons TikTok became so famous and more widely used than Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.
One of them is because the platform is in the form of short videos that have a variety of interesting features such as filters and audio that allow users to produce creative videos, from lipsync, to funny sketches and internet challenges.
Apart from that, there are also those who use TikTok because they are stuck with friends and are afraid of being left behind in popular culture.
In a video shared on Twitter, the students were seen staring at the camera with confused and embarrassed faces while the hymn was played.
If a person is accustomed to playing TikTok for sure they will automatically be miming or stylish with the appropriate filter, yet the tahfiz students seem to be wondering what they should do.
The behavior of the young men made netizens amused and melted, no less some also produced memes from their funny reactions.

More interestingly, the students finally managed to come up with an idea for their holiday TikTok video, which showed them shaking hands and forgiving each other.

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